Increase your sales exponentially by utilizing Chatboat WhatsApp solution.

Connect with two billion active users using a single dedicated WhatsApp number and enable your multi-agent team to work seamlessly on a unified platform without switching between multiple channels.

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Top features to delight your customers



  • In just minutes, you can install Chatboat no-code WhatsApp Chatbot and welcome your company's digital assistant.
  • Enhance ‌customer engagement, increase lead generation, and provide better support.
  • Automate repetitive responses to customer inquiries and free up your time for other essential tasks.

Several Agents

You can add an unlimited number of agents to your Chatboat WhatsApp workspace.

  • Enable excellent collaboration among your team members.
  • Establish a shared inbox to streamline communication and create assignment rules as your business expands.
  • Quickly reassign customers and tasks as necessary to ensure efficient operation.

Personal Notes

  • Easily attach private notes to contacts or conversations using Chatboat.
  • Control access to information by restricting or granting permission to users within your organization.


  • Deliver top-notch collaboration capabilities to your team members, ensuring that they always have the support they need when they need it.
  • Empower your teams to provide on-the-spot solutions to customers, leaving no one behind.

Quick Responses

  • Streamline your customer responses with just one click using Chatboat. Utilize pre-defined, rich-text snippets to provide a better overall customer experience.

Actionable Dashboards

  • Chatboat provides a complete 360-degree view of your digital conversations. It allows you to monitor and take action based on insightful reports and dashboards.

Customer Profiling

  • Intelligent tags aid in creating customer profiles for future actions and re-targeting purposes.

Textured Text

  • Transmit text messages, images, videos, location information, contact details, audio files, and other types of content.

Talk to your customers on their favourite messaging platform

Benefits to your business

Increase the rate of customer response.

Receive real-time notifications for any client conversations. Respond quickly by using pre-defined messaging templates.

Increase your brand's visibility

Build and improve your brand's image based on customer trust by giving your customers timely and appropriate assistance

Gain client satisfaction

Customers want one-on-one service, so be the one to provide it, and you'll have a lot of happy customers.

Increase inbound conversions

When clients discover you, use better tools to convert these prospects faster.

Grow customer loyalty

Customers love you when you do not remove them from their ‘home’ - their messaging platform. They find it easy to come back to you.